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Bring in some greens indoors ! These hand weaved green creepers by tifCDS are amazing replacements for plastic home decor. Great substitutes for plastic decor, these are easily washable and easy to maintain. 


They are life size and make them look extremely real and elevate your spaces with a touch of greenery indoors. These are a life-time investment and designed to ensure good vibes wherever you place them. The design is flexible to use and they come in a set of 4 individual strings that can either be grouped together, intertwined amongst each other or hung as single creepers making them a very useful add-on to your interiors. GO GREEN with such tifCDS Home Decor merchandise !


₹1,499.00 Regular Price
₹1,424.05Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax


Size 4 strings X 1 meter each

Weight 0.25 kgs

Shape String

Colour Olive green

Material enclosed




Ready to Display

No Assembly Required

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