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When the built environment is sometimes not enough to express human thoughts or sometimes needs to accessorize its being, graphics are a great way to convey ideas across without having to speak much.

tifCDS, through its Graphic Design chapter looks into these intricacies of human expressions beyond words.

Creative art designer in India

Logo Designs


Proposed Logo Design for Namma Canteen/ Indira Canteen, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The concept of this Doordarshan Logo design is to be rooted into its original design and yet generate a new footmark, depicted by an evergrowing spiral from its roots of an old spiral - a visual memory from the old logo. Also, the colours are intended to capture the nostalgia associated with the old DD logo, a priced memory for many of us Indians! The white background symbolises the present modern day as a blank slate that it would grow into the future. The entire design also represents the letters 'DD'.

Proposed Logo Design for Doordarshan Prasar Bharti,
New Delhi, India

The proposed logo symbolises a 'traditional meal' served in a banana leaf as a platter. It conceptualises the dining culture of Karnataka. Alongwith this traditional touch, the crossed spoon and fork shows modern day dining etiquettes of the beginning of a sumptuous meal. Yellow and red proudly signifies a Karnataka State initiative. Also psychologically, yellow and red are known to visually evoke an appetite.

This proposed logo design symbolises a new zeal (represented by the gear logo) to take forward our strengths, culture and values (represented by our blue Ashoka chakra) in our modern present day. The font style symbolises holding onto our roots even as we progress ahead. The saffron and green circle symbolise a futuristic growth and the values of our national flag. The modern gear also symbolising the youth of the nation (represented in grey colour) is intended to strengthen the Ashoka chakra with new promises and visions and push it to positively to keep the wheel of progress into motion for our nation.

Proposed Logo Design for New India Movement,
New Delhi, India



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