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Updated: Aug 23, 2018

# Post 2 # Series 1_Anecdotes : What's in a name !

After the opening article of this series - " Streets called M.G. Road...What’s in a name! " the rest of the series would now follow a prototype. Let me give a brief introduction to it.

Myself so and so, myself so and so … An introduction is best given by a name. It’s the identity we hold onto when we relate to each other. We tend to engage in knowing the names of people we encounter through life and relate back to their roots. We dig through the history of our own surnames or try to establish ourselves to not-related-by-blood people as kith and kin only because you belong to the same region – place type as some call it.

Ever wondered how this actually extends even to the names of your cities? This is actually another dimension to your existence as well as the culture around you. City names are evidence of a lot of layering of meanings, dialects, historical significance as well as a reflection of the cultural backgrounds of the place in those times. It would be interesting to explore these stories of making of city names and how they changed, evolved and what they meant when they did. An enquiry into the relevance of these name telling stories of Indian cities in today’s times brings this blog series called “Series 1 : Anecdotes : What’s in a name ?” in the tifcds Blogbook “Tales of Indian Cities”. This may even help you to be able to comprehend a more meaningful and authentic existence for yourself and your family tree.

This series shall be each a post of the identity behind the name of an Indian city – and what makes it what we call it today. Why they were called what they were called and what does it mean to live today in a city with that background? .. a gathering of facts and historic tidbits about the city and its being, especially the evolution of its name since as far as we can go. A study of the origin of these words and the way in which their spellings and meanings have changed throughout history … an etymological exploration of Indian city names.

This should make this an interesting read!

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