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Oil on Canvas Print (12" x 17")


The tifCDS Art Store


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DEVLOK By Veda is a series of eight auspicious paintings by The tifCDS Art Store. This series is the first of its art ventures and hence is an ode to good beginnings envisioned to be auspicious.


The DEVLOK Collection celebrates Indian Gods and Goddesses with a theme of attempting to capture the artists own imagination of finding them in their absolute avatars, in their own worlds, doing their own thing unaware of an artist capturing them as an art. Thought provoking and artistic, they are a step away from traditional artworks of Indian Gods and Goddesses.


Most portraits of Gods and Goddesses that have been passed on to us through generations seem to be humanely posed and ornated. This materialistic interpretation has somehow seemed to disturb the artist.


This series is an exploration of Devlok as a residing place of powerful entities as enigmatic beings within themselves and the human mind trying to give them some form only to be able to relate. Enjoy this divine journey with these eight auspiscious art pieces.


Explore and amuse yourselves in the Devlok Collection by Veda. Deck up your homes, offices, shops and spaces to bring in peace, calmness, serenity and prosperity.

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