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Square Bamboo Storage Baskets with side handles are a great piece being a sustainable alternate to plastic boxes for storing and organising your homes. Being eco-friendly, they add a rich earthy element to your spaces. They are ideal for home organisation acting as compartments on shelves, keeping your spaces tidy. They can also be used as a decor element holding scented potpourri / decorative marbles / etc. Our favourite use for them are to hold books like a moving library for yourself. It is definitely multipurpose and can be utilised for a different use each time ! These are made with pure Assam bamboo making them an exclusive product in terms of quality.

Square Bamboo Baskets - side handles

399,00₹ Precio
379,05₹Precio de oferta
Impuesto excluido

The pictures of products are only for Display and Informational Purpose. The actual product size and colour may slightly vary than what is shown in the display images. Due to the handmade nature of our items and individual crafting of every product, no piece is perfect or identical to any other. We believe this makes every piece unique and even better for you. Everything you receive has been carefully curated with our unique style, packaging, and is ready for gifting on special occasions. Items once sold shall not be returnable. Care Instructions : This product is designed for indoor purpose only and may be sensitive to sunlight and outdoor environment. Please ensure it is displayed indoors only with no harsh exposures to light or heat.

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